Warpworld: The Apocalypse

Adventure Log, Page Two

Enter Jean and Sophia

Meanwhile, in the mountains north of Laconia, biker Jean Deaux stumbles onto an SUV crashed on the side of the road. Inside he finds Sophia Meyers and promises to get her Laconia. Unfortunately, when he gets to the city, his truck is damaged by a woman who explodes in a ball of green flame for no apparent reason. Jean and Sophia find an abandoned house on the southern outskirts of town and set up shop there.

Sophia is becoming more and more sick each day, until she loses control, nearly attacking him. She flees and makes her first kill as a vampire, a local Catholic priest. While Jean is looting whatever he can during he day, she makes her second kill…a man who broke into the house. While dumping the body in a local golf course, she sees Julianna the Witch Queen summon a dragon crafted of snow and brutally slaughter a group of former fellow high school students. Oddly, they have a short conversation that seems to bond them as misfits before Julianna takes off into the night.

Jean discovers that the Mayor of Laconia has stolen his damaged truck and fixed it to the point it will run again. He hatches a scheme to take it back, critically injuring a cop and shooting another man. He succeeds in getting the truck, however.



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