Warpworld: The Apocalypse

Adventure Log Page three

At the Parker Farm in Gilmanton, Brooklynne discovers she too has gained some strange new power, the ability to sense the condition of the earth and ground itself. Melissa confides in everyone, telling them about the goddess Ishtar, whom she has bonded with and become her high priestess. She shows them she can magically cause plants to grow, creating food to help them survive the winter. A group of desperate bandits, starving tourists from the lakeshore resorts, comes down to Gilmanton, killing several farmers, stealing anything useful or valuable, and kidnapping two teenage girls. Iris, Matt, Nathan, Brooklynne, Melissa, and Veronica defend the town with help from Chief O’Brien and a handful of officers. A score of the bandits are taken prisoner, prompting a town meeting. In the aftermath of the battle, Matt and Iris find comfort in each others arms…

During the meeting, the group establish themselves as important to the town, coming up with several ideas to help the town survive the coming winter and the destabilization of society. The Parker farm becomes the nucleus of a farm collective south of town. After Iris finds herself surprised by Melissa making romantic advances toward her, and Matthew catching them, she flees the farm. She runs into the woods where she discovers her own magical talent…and transforms into a wolf! Unfortunately, the loses herself in the wolf and runs off.

Up in Laconia, Jean and Sophia are attacked by a horde of rampaging…Zombies! They fight their way to the truck and escape, saving a handful of other people as well. They flee south and drive to Gilmanton, where they are accepted into the Parker Farm. Jean and Sophia are forced to be very careful to avoid someone discovering Sophia’s secret.



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