Warpworld: The Apocalypse

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

What has come before...

At 5:11AM, December 21st, 2012…the Warp came.

Matthew Whipple woke up with his one-night-stand Melissa Sanderson, whom he had met at an “End of the World” party the previous night. Unfortunately, he discovered she had suddenly come down with a raging fever and convulsions. Concerned for her, he heads to her hotel room to get her identification, there meeting her friend Iris Monday. They get her to the hospital, where Matthew’s ex-girlfriend, Veronica O’Donovan is working triage. Melissa collapses and breathes flame!

Meanwhile, local Concord politico Nathan Bishop is staying at the Margate, the same hotel in which Melissa and Iris were staying. He meets local farm girl Brooklynne Parker, now stuck in town as most methods of transport are dead. Over the next few days, as society begins to teeter toward anarchy, Matthew invites Nathan and Iris to stay with him at his small Cape Cod north of town, while Brooklynne finds herself sharing space with Veronica. During this time, it is discovered that Matthew has developed “Magic Powers”, dealing with runes and sigils.

Which he puts to use when the Laconia police, now operating as the enforcement arm of the Mayor’s office, tries to commandeer his car (one of the few still working). They escape, but it means they’ll need to leave town. Brooklynne offers to let Nathan, Iris, and Matthew stay at her farm in nearby Gilmanton.

Iris and Matthew visit the New Hampshire National Guard readiness center in Tilton, acquiring some gear. Veronica is offered an opportunity to join the Mayor’s compound as one of the physicians there, but she turns the offer down, uncomfortable with the fact he had taken all the food from the markets, letting the rest of Laconia fend for themselves. She also discovers she has gained a strange new ability…the ability to become insubstancial. The ability comes to her when she finds herself confronting a ghost that has been feeding on the life force of patients close to death in the hospital. When Iris and Matthew sneak back into town to get Melissa from the hospital, they bring Veronica back with them as Laconia begins to self-destruct.



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