Lieutenant Iris R. Monday

You say 'bitch' like it's a bad thing...



  • Strength – 7 (2D6 +1)
  • Agility – 8 (2D6 +2)
  • Health – 8 (2D6 +2)
  • Awareness – 7 (2D6 +1)
  • Will – 8 (2D6 +2)
  • Fate – 3 (1D6)

Forte – Health +1D6 (Tough, Army Training)


Physical Prime = +10AP, +10SP Motivation (Corps Values) +5AP

Weakness (Psychological = Combat Disorder) +10AP


Trade – Military Science (Solider) +1D6 Specialty (Military Police) +1D6

Survival (Midwestern Plains) +0D6 ( Desert ) +0D6

Hand to Hand +1D6

Pistol +0D6

Longarms (M4 and the like) +1D6

Tracking +0D6

Language (Arabic) +0D6

Drive Heavy Truck/HMV +0D6


  • Club (Police Baton)
  • Equestrian
  • Swimming
  • Micro Brewing
  • Poker


Appearence – Iris is an athletically built woman. She stands 5-foot 6 inches tall. She has sable brown hair that she wears short. Her eyes are a blue green hazel. When off duty she is most often found wearing very casual clothes: jeans, sweaters, etc.

Iris was born in Mustang Oklahoma. She and her twin, Daniel, were the third and fourth of the nine children, that Susan and Jerry Monday produced. The family was never very well off, in fact, most of the time they struggled to stay afloat. Iris grew up, watching her siblings and other family fight to wrench a living from the dirt and decided it would never be her life.

She found her course when a “Job Fair” at her high school included an Army recruiter. She was hooked. Her family wasn’t so sure, but Iris signed the papers the moment she turned 18 and a bare week after graduation saw her on the bus headed for Boot camp.

Iris excelled at Basic Training. She had always been athletic and now she added strength and leadership to that. She chose the Military Police as her Advanced Individual Training. The strict Army training and environment appealed to Iris after the chaos of her childhood. She was almost instantly happy as a new Private.

After her training at Fort Sill in southern Oklahoma, she was assigned to the 14th MP Brigade and stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky for three years. Then she was stationed at Fort Benning in Georgia. But it didn’t last long. Her division was called up and she was sent to the show.

Iris spent 2 years in Iraq, ranging from Baghdad over to Kuwait. She found that she was suited to the work. And promotions from Private to private First Class and then to Specialist soon followed. What surprised her was when she came home she found herself at a loss. America surprised her with its pettiness and obsessions with the everyday. The soldiers forgotten and the War protested. She longed to go back to her unit in Baghdad. The mission wasn’t over.

But for the moment it was over for Iris. She was PCSed to Fort Belvoir in D.C. She was encouraged by her new commander to get her Bachelors and go to OTS. Depressed by her inability to reintegrate herself with everyday life, Iris threw herself into study and completed her Bachelors in Criminal Justice in only three years. She then completed Officer’s Training School to become a Commissioned Officer in the Army.

Lieutenant Iris Monday moved up quickly and was able to maneuver herself to get back to Iraq and take a position with the 527th, the first MP unit across the Berm. She was never happier. Being there with her fellow hard chargers felt like coming home.

Iris is hard headed, stubborn and somewhat self-righteous. She values the military over everything. Her Army career has left her little time for personal relationships so she is a bit clumsy when it comes to handling people in a non-authoritarian situation. She has a serious demeanor and isn’t quick to smile or laugh. Her humor tends to be of the dark sarcastic type. She is intelligent and quick-witted but people often dismiss her since she is just an Army grunt.

Birthday – May 1, 1989

Lieutenant Iris R. Monday

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