Sophia Madalyn Myers



  • STR – 7 – 12ap
  • AGL – 9 – 18ap
  • HLTH – 6 – 9ap
  • WILL – 9 – 18ap
  • AWR – 7 – 12ap
  • FATE – 3 -3ap

Forte: Will

weakness : Str (Sunlight)

Secret (Dead)


SKILLS * Trade – Student (Campus life, social life/parties, study) * French +1d6 * Italian +1d6 * Fashion/apparel


  • Auto
  • sailing
  • equistrian
  • swimming
  • dance
  • cooking
  • entertaining


Appearance: Sophia is a petite, five foot four, nineteen-year-old with a slender build. Her just below shoulder length hair is palest blonde and her eyes are bright cornflower blue. Sophia used to wear only the best designer clothes and shoes but since the Warp she has been reduced to whatever clothing she can find that fits. She has a quick smile and is charming and has a certain allure.

Bio: Sophia Madalyn Myers was born the only child to George and Alison Myers and heir to the Myers fortune. And with George annually appearing in Forbe’s richest Americans list, it was a vast holding.

Growing up Sophia wanted for nothing. Her family mansion was staffed with full time Nannies, cooks and housekeepers. Her schools were only the best private institutions with the children of other super wealthy families. She was given horses when she showed a desire to ride and went on to ride competitively. She was given dance lessons at the prestigious Washington School of Ballet in Washington D.C. Taking the family’s jet there for lessons every weekend. Nothing was denied her if she showed an interest.

Yet in the midst of the larges, George and Alison strove to raise Sophia to be gracious and thoughtful. And for the most part they did. But growing up with so much material wealth on top of her parents doting attention, left Sophia somewhat spoiled. Thought this mostly shows itself in her ignorance of ‘common’ brands and practices. She was in junior high school before she realized that most people didn’t spend summers jaunting between their St. Thomas beach house and their Paris penthouse with a quick ski trip to Switzerland thrown in for fun.

Sophia was extremely sheltered as a child. Mostly because of her father’s paranoia over her heiress status and his overprotective nature. Her friends were carefully screened and her activities and schools were meticulously chosen. Sophia didn’t even learn to drive till she was eighteen. Her father immediately withdrew her from Driver’s Ed. when two of her classmates were killed in a drunk driving accident immediately after receiving the learner’s permits.

Sophia spent her Jr. year of high school at Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland where she rubbed elbows with other heirs and royalty alike. She came home for the last semester of her senoir year with her old friends and to go on to college in the States.

Sophia began her college years at Cornel in the fall before the Warp. While her grades were good, she knew that they weren’t Ivy league good. But her father’s money and her mother’s alumni status have smoothed the way to her enrollment in Cornell’s Fiber Science and Design degree program.

The morning of the Warp found Sophia driving over the pass onher way to the Deer Chase ski resort. She was tired from her flight from New York, where she and her parents had been attending a coleague’s social but she was determined to make it to her college friend’s ‘End of the World’ party. However the weather and her own inexperiance driving in such conditions would prove to be fatal. Sophia wreacked her SUV at the moment of the Warp and was instantly and gruesomely killed. But she wasn’t to stay that way for long.

Birthday – Nov. 7, 1993

Sophia Madalyn Myers

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