Brooklynne Parker



  • Strength: 7 (2d6+1)
  • Agility: 7 (2d6+1)
  • Health: 8 (2d6+2)
  • Awareness: 7 (2d6+1)
  • Will: 6 (2d6)
  • Fate: 3 (1d6)


  • Age: 24
  • Forte: Awareness – Level-headed


  • Agriculture +2d
  • Herbology +1d
  • First Aid +0d (need 4 more xp to up skill)
  • Cooking +0d
  • Longarms +0d
  • Farm Equipment +0d
  • Equestrian +0d
  • Survival – Woodlands +0d
  • Swimming +0d
  • Running +0d


  • Chemistry +0d
  • Management +0d (2 more xp to bump to skill)
  • Computers +0d
  • Auto +0d
  • Short blade +0d
  • Hand to Hand +0d (3 more xp to bump to skill)

WARPGIFT: Earth Attunement – ability to “read” the land.


Hair the color of corn silk, kept in a long braid which reaches to her lower back, and eyes of cornflower blue grace an attractive face that glows with the health and ruddy complexion from working outdoors. Her lean, strong 5’ 7” frame is generally dressed for comfort and protection from the noon day sun.

First girl born into a family of eight children, she has two older brothers, two younger brothers, and three younger sisters. The Parker family has been farming in the Lakes Area of New Hampshire for three generations. The main crop of Parker Farms, located near Gilmanton, is corn, but they also produce and sell other organically grown vegetables. From the time she could walk and carry a pail, Brooklynne, shortened to “Lynne” by family and friends, has had her share of chores and has helped with most things on the farm. Her daddy also made sure each of his children knew how to shoot and care for a rifle as well as how to fish – to include cleaning and gutting anything they caught. As she grew, and more were slowly added to the Parker clan, the older boys helped their father with the cash crops while the girls helped their mother with the gardens kept closer to the house as well as with the cooking and canning. However, Brooklynne’s interest gravitated to caring for her mother’s herb garden and helping her prepare the ointments, tinctures and other home remedies their family, as well as quite a few neighbors, used. Under her mother’s tutelage, she has become quite adept at identifying and treating numerous ailments and injuries.

Brooklynne attended the local schools from elementary through high school. Her responsibilities at home didn’t leave her much time for extracurricular activities, therefore her group of friends was small, but close-knit. Her best friend’s family owned horses and she learned to ride under the supervision of their horse handler. Once she had proven herself, the two girls were occasionally allowed to take the horses to the lake at the north end of the property, where they would spend a lazy afternoon swimming and sunning. Both girls graduated with honors from the local high school and Brooklynne earned a couple of small scholarships to help with the cost of college.

She attended the University of New Hampshire and received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Horticulture. Her undergraduate internship was completed at the Canterbury Shaker Village, whose gardens are all certified organic. After graduation, she returned to Parker Farms to help manage the organically grown vegetable crops and to expand the herb garden as a possible side business.

Brooklynne Parker

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