Jean Deaux

I do NOT look like "Biker Jesus"...


Strength: 9 (3d6)
Agility: 8 (2d+2)
Health: 9 (3d6)
Willpower: 7 (2d6+1)
Awareness: 6 (2d6)
Fate: 3 (1d6)

Forte Willpower: (Stubborn)
Weakness: Health: Running Speed
Age: 34
Warpgift: Armor/Strength 1d6

Mechanic: +1d (3d+2)
Motorcycle Riding: +1d (3d+2)
Brawling: +1d (3d+2)
Pistol: +0d (2d+2)
Automobile: +0d (2d+2)
Guitar: +0d (2d+2)
Survival: +0d (2d+2)
Stealth: +0d (2d+2)
Security: +1d (3d+2)
Club/Axe: +0d (2d+2)
Longarms: +0d (2d+2)

Swimming: (2d+2)
Knife: (2d+2)
First Aid (2d+2)

2xp Spare


Jean Deaux (pronounced “John Doe”) his dark brown hair, typically worn shoulder length. His eyes are hazel and he usually keeps a close cropped beard. He stands six feet, two inches tall, weighing in at two hundred pounds. He has a broad-chested, thick armed build. On his left bicep, he has an iron cross tattoo, and around his right, he has a celtic knotwork band. He is typically found in a dark-colored tee shirt, denim jeans, thick motorcycle boots, and a leather jacket.

Jean Deaux grew up in Durham, New Hampshire, a near-perfect example of New England Scooter Trash. His father skipped town when he was ten years old, leaving him with an alcoholic single mother. Forced to grow up early, he befriended a local mechanic and learned about motorcycles. He had built his first Harley at fifteen, and was a provisional member of the Iron Horsemen by seventeen.

He dropped out of high school and went to work as a motorcycle mechanic, supplimenting the mediocre payscale with various extra-legal work with the Horsemen.

Jean Deaux

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