Julianna the Witch Queen

Very powerful and very unbalanced witch


Description Julianna is a fifteen year old with ice blue eyes and hair dyed indigo and violet, usually worn as two pigtails. Her skin is white as alabaster and she usually wears lipstick, eye shadow, and fingernail polish of black, violet, or blue. Her eyes are always ringed in black mascara. She’s only five feet, four inches tall, and was once a little chubby with baby fat. Since the Warp, she has slimmed down considerably. She is always found wearing corseted outfits in the “Loligoth” style.

Biography Not much is known about Julianna’s past. She was a native of Laconia, New Hampshire, a freshman in high school when the Warp hit. She was apparently not popular, given statements and actions made after the Warp toward the “popular”, “pretty” girls in school. Julianna was struck by multiple godsparks granting her unbelievable magical power and knowledge. Unfortunately she doesn;t seem psychologically stable…

She has since taken over the “Castle in the Clouds” overlooking Moultonborough as her personal palace, and has been searching the area to find others of magical talent.

Julianna the Witch Queen

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