Keith Seahawk

Penobscot Indian Forestry Service Ranger


Keith has the deeply tanned color of a man who works outdoors for a living. His eyes are deep brown, and his short hair is jet black. Hs jaw is wide with a slightly pointed chin and prominent nose. He stands five feet ten inches tall, with a lean, athletic body. He maintains his body fastidiously through diet and exericise. He is currently 26 years old.

Keith “Palatisomeqehs” was born on Penobscot tribal land north of Bangor, Maine. His father instilled a healthy respect or his heritage, and he studied all aspects of Algonquin culture. He spent much of his youth camping and hunting in the Main wilderness, and it inspired him to work in the conservation field. He studied a Bowdoin college and on graduation, joined the Forestry Service. His “tribal name” means “Osprey”, so he took the last name “Seahawk”.

Keith Seahawk

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