Matthew Whipple

Civil Engineer turned Rune Magician


Strength: 7
Agility: 8
Health: 7
Awareness: 9
Willpower: 8
Fate: 3


Age: 27
Motivation: Preserving technical knowledge and equipment
Forte: Awareness: Analytical
Personality: Independent: Needs to do things his way
Forte: Willpower: Concentration
Godspark (1)


Civil Engineering: +1d (4d)
—Infrastructure: +1d (5d)
Mechanic: +1d (4d)
—Engines: +1d (5d)
Machining: +0d (3d)
Metalworking: +0d (2d+2)
Motorcycle: +0d (2d+2)
Automobile: +0d (2d+2)
Light Aircraft: +0d (2d+2)
Brawling: +0d (2d+2)
Longarms: +0d (2d+2)

Rune Magic: +2d (4d+2)


Swimming: (2d+2)
Climbing: (2d+2)
Pistols: (2d+2)
Golf: (2d+2)
Old English: (2d+2)
Equestrian: (2d+2)
Sailing: (2d+2)
Physics: (3d)
Mathematics: (3d)
Chemistry: (3d)


Description: Matthew is a shorter than average man, standing around 5’6” tall. He has a stocky, slightly overweight build of an athletic man who has slipped a little as he approaches thirty. His hair is dark brown with a slight reddish tint in the sun, which continues to his mustache and goatee. His eyes are blue and have been described by more romantic women as “striking” or even “captivating”. He typically dresses in pressed denim jeans with a polo shirt and upscale tennis shoes. His hair is worn just short enough to be business appropriate, and just long enough to be slightly rebellious, his bangs sometime falling into his eyes. His “five o’clock shadow” tends to appear around noon, and if neglected will become a full beard in a week. He can often be found wearing a thick, leather jacket if riding his 1945 Knucklehead Harley. In fairer weather, he prefers hooded sweatshirts with the New England Patriots or Boston Red Sox logos with matching caps.

Biography: Matthew was born in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, to the influential and wealthy Whipple family. The Whipples are well known in southern Maine and New Hampshire, with a long history in mercantile interests and local politics that goes back to the colonial days. (William Whipple was a signatory to the Declaration of Independence, and several schools and libraries in the area bear the name on them.)

His youth was typical of the yacht club set. He played golf and tennis, competed in the steeplechase, hunted pheasant, duck, and clay pigeons, and learned to sail. He competed in high school wrestling and some boxing at the collegiate level. He learned to fly small aircraft. He meandered from interest to interest, “sipping from the cup of knowledge” as his father would say. One interest that seemed to stick was a love for classic and vintage cars and motorcycles. Restoring them became a primary hobby in his high school and college days. He was a rebellious youth in that he had to do things his own way, and was often at odds with his parents because his interests seemed to wander too much.

He was accepted into the Engineering program at Dartmouth, where he excelled, including minors in other diverse disciplines. Upon graduation, he worked for the state for a few years, working on power lines, bridges, railroads, and other infrastructure. He played contacts and parleyed some family money into starting his own consulting company, based out of Laconia.

Matthew is easygoing and charismatic. He is very social, spending free time at the country clubs and resorts around the lakes region. He’s gathered a (somewhat well deserved) reputation around town as a “Tourist Hawk”

Matthew Whipple

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