Melissa Sanderson

Priestess of Ishtar


Melissa Sanderson was born and raised in the small New Hampshire town of Tilton. Her father died when she was young and Missy’s mother raised her alone.

Missy was a model student, earning high grades and was always in the top of her class. But she felt no real sense of purpose. She completed high school a year early and went straight onto college.

At The University of New Hampshire, she majored in Psychology and completed an Associates degree without any real effort. Parties and social life weren’t part of her time at the University. Growing up with a single parent had taught her that those sort of things were just a waste of time.

After graduation, Missy went back to Tilton but of course there were no jobs there. She ended up doing secretarial work for one of the lawyers in town. While she was there, the lawyer’s son graduated high school and enlisted directly into the Air Force. His decision fascinated Missy. The military had never been part of her life at all. She started doing a little research, mostly for the lawyer who was livid that his son had joined up. What she found was intriguing. She went to talk to a recruiter down in Manchester.

Of course the Air Force really wasn’t looking for psychologist but the Army was in desperate need of recruits. After some talk of travel and benefits: Missy signed on the dotted line.

After her basic, Missy was assigned to several different units as secretarial help mostly. But it was when she was assigned to the 43rd Military Police that her life changed. Fed up with her safe secure lifestyle, Missy finally let her hair down. While the cops kept order on the posts and in the field, they were hard partying and wild on the off time. Missy abandoned her inhibitions and ran wild.

After a few years in the 43rd, Missy decided when it was time to reup that she was going into the Officer’s Training School. That’s where she met a quiet, straight laced cop:Lieutenant Iris R. Monday who reminded her a lot of the way she herself had been.

Missy and Iris became fast friends and when they graduated, they were assigned to separate units but both over seas. They were able to keep in touch until they were both assigned to the 527th in Baghdad.

Missy is a pretty almost elfin woman standing only 5 foot 3. She has long riotously curly black hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin. She is quick to smile and laugh. And quick to make friends. As a Priestess of Ishtar, she takes her new position very seriously. She genuinely wants to help and guide people to not only the worship of her goddess but also to better lives.

Melissa Sanderson

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