Nathan Bishop

Young Politician trying to redefine himself in a world gone mad.


The Face

Attributes: (60AP)

Strength: 6 (9AP) Agility: 8 (15AP) Health: 7 (12AP) Awareness: 5 (7AP) Will: 9 (18AP) Fate: 3 (3AP)

Traits: (1AP)

Age: 29 Motivation – “The Good Samaritan” (+5AP) Enemy – Past Affiliates (+5AP) Forte (Willpower) – Charismatic


Automoblie (5sp) Diplomacy (10sp) Leadership (20sp) Boxing (10sp) Swimming (5sp) Climbing (5sp) Long Distance Runner (10sp) Computer Use (10SP) Sleight of Hand (5sp)

Warpgift: Hide in shadows


Nathan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, to loving but slightly distant parents, he grew up comfortably. His mother was a quiet woman, with a cold edge to her exterior, never out of fine clothes, never acting improperly, the perfect wife.

His father was a Minister of Concord’s many chapels, and the house was ruled with an iron, god-fearing fist. He was tutored at a boarding school, rarely seeing his parents, especially his mother and he turned as most kids do that have been neglected by their parents but have the money to do what they want, Nathan turned to drug abuse.

He was seventeen when his father dragged him out of his almost comfortable but hellishly boring boarding school, and into the arms of a fitness and rehab coach, this one man changed Nathan’s life forever. Gave him a sense of purpose, a sense of being, and a thirst to achieve something with his life. Through competitive activities and sports that strained him physically and mentally because of the demand they made on his focus, he became a new man. Nathan was presented before his father’s peers, political friends amongst them, after the two year program. A changed man indeed, he was intelligent enough to catch the attention of the men before him, confident and witty enough to win their trust, and charming enough to be given the opportunity to work and run for them as a new candidate. Over the next five years he spent most of his time working for his father’s peers, making contacts and getting his name known. He was as was said, ‘for the people’ as he was one ‘of the people’, a Face that came easily to him as he was known for being an excellent young athlete, especially with his new found passion for Boxing.

Despite his fathers hate for the sport, Nathan new that it was the only tie he had to his past, a wild side of him that he would hide from the men who would give him his career, from his parents that would give him the support he needed. But he knew that one being knew of his love for the sport, for the carnage, the exhilaration, and that was God. Nathan was not a fanatic like his father, he was not as devout as he could have been, but he had found peace within the arms of the bible, and took much of it to heart. ‘Bishop’ became not only his surname, but also his nickname, though it was ironic because of his fathers Puritan beliefs.

Now nearing the age of thirty, he is in a comfortable state of being, running for Mayor and finding favour in a couple of Concords eligible bacheloress. At current he is taking a holiday in Laconia whilst waiting the first poll counts to be taken, relieving some of the stress of his first major political challenge. Things couldn’t be more ideal.

Nathan Bishop

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