Thomas Christianson

ARMA Scholar and Priest of Ninurta


Description Thomas Christinason is a heavyset man, six feet, three inches tall and around two hundred twenty pounds. His hair is a reddish brown with medium length loose curls and a bushy beard of the same color. His eyes are sky blue with thick eyebrows over them. He prefers to wear flannel shirts and jeans with comfortable boots.

Biography Thomas spent most of his life in Portland, Maine, save for frequent trips to Scotland to visit his mother’s family there. He developed a love of history and the clan lore of the highlands, which led him to study history at Boston College. While there, he became involved with the Society for Creative Anachronism, and om there with the Association of Renaissance Martial Arts.

He became a well respected scholar of Scottish clan history and of the medieval and renaissance techniques of the sword and polearm. He created a small business of teaching these ancient arts to history buffs, LARPers, and martial artists out of a studio in Portland.

Thomas Christianson

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