The town of Gilmanton is actually made up of two villages, Gilmanton Center and Gilmanton Ironworks, spread out over 59 square miles. The population of the town just prior to the Warp was 3100.

Gilmanton Center

Gilmanton Center is the western village of Gilmanton, about seven miles south of Laconia. The town is mostly a bedroom community for Laconia, with most people who live in the village working there. There are a number of small farms around the center of town, though most are not primary “working farms”. Most are farms used to grow garden vegetables or corn to suppliment income or as a hobby.

After the Warp, Gilmanton Center has become the nucleus of a farming community. The farms around the center of town have been consolidated into four larger farms, each administered by one of the more prominent families. The Western is the Parker Farm, the Northern is the Tuttle Farm, and the Southern is the Dionne farm. The Eastern farm collective is centered around Peaked Hill Farms, which grows organic produce and corn. The Greely Ranch is a farm that has thus far maintained its independence from the Gilmanton town council, and influenced a similar independence in the St Pierre sheep ranch.

The center of town has the Town Hall, which also serves as the police station. Also in the center of town was the Corner Market, which has now been converted into Veronica’s office and pharmacy. The Temperence Tavern is a small restaurant and Bed & Breakfast that has become something of local meeting place. The Carpenter Museum of Outboard Motors had over a hundred examples of small engines for watercraft, but it has since been stripped by Matthew Whipple for parts.

The town center itself has about 200 people living in it. Another hundred or so are in the outlying farms. About a mile south of town, another hundred or so people have banded together in houses on the north shore of Shellcamp Pond.

People of Gilmanton

Chief Phillip O’Brien: The Chief of Police is a no-nonsense sort of guy, with a stern demeaner but can be flexible and friendly. Avoiding the “small town sherrif” archetype, he is intelligent and pragmatic. Since the Warp, he has been leaning toward Melissa’s Church of Ishtar, but has not formally joined yet.

Lois Dionne: Is the town treasurer and a successful farm owner. She is sympathetic to the Church of Ishtar, but has not joined it.

Rachel Hatch: Presently the chairperson of the town council, she nearly died of Cholera but was healed by Melissa’s magic. Since, she has been a vocal proponent of the new Church.

Elizabeth Abbot: Last of the town council, she is a devout Christian and is not friendly to the Church of Ishtar. However, she has not attacked it publically, either.

William Tuttle: “Bill” Tuttle is a successful farmer who has become the administrator of the North collective. He is an easygoing man with a gregarious sense of humor.

Frank Greely: The owner of the Greely Farms, he is one of the few farmers close to town who has refused to join the “Gilmanton Collective”. He is a devout Christian, and several people not comfortable with the increasing popularity of the Church of Ishtar have been recruited to work his fields come spring.

Police Department

Sgt Dennis Rector
Snr Patrolman Matthew Currier
Stacie Fiske
Robert Ackerstrom
Sean McCarty
Patrick Dawson
Casey Brennin

Gilmanton Iron Works

Six miles east of Gilmanton Center is the second village of Gilmanton Ironworks (named for the failed iron mining operation based there in the later eighteenth century). There is no real village center here, with homes spread out along Gilmanton Road (Route 140) and side streets branching from it. More “rural” than the “suburban” Gilmanton Center, there are larger, full time professional farms and ranches here, including 2 miniature horse ranches. (Not good for riding, but can be pressed into unusual draft animals…minis can pull up to 900 lbs and a team of two minis was once recorded as pulling 1200 lbs. Though this was only for the length of an arena) The Gilmanton Elementary school is in the Ironworks. (Though there is no Gilmanton Highschool…those students were bussed to Gilford High School to the north)

Fernwood farms is a 53 acre farm that specializes in organic produce and flowers.

Price Farms is a dairy farm with over a hundred milk cows.

Heartsong Farms is a small operation specializing in goats and goat cheeses.

Smith Farms is an orchard with apples, pears, and various berries.


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