Pictures of Gilmanton!

We start with the view from Route 16 as one drives North from Rochester toward Wakefield. Not far up through the foothils of the White Mountains, one turns off Route 16 and heads up Route 11 toward Alton.

The next two pictures are of Alton Bay, the very most southern tip of Lake Winnipesaukee

At Alton, one takes a left onto Route 140 toward the Gilmanton Ironworks…

Passing one of four miniature horse ranches…(seriously…four in one town?)

Route 140 turns north at the Ironworks, heading for Gilmanton Center. About halfway between them you find the former Gilmanton Elementary School, now the workshop for engineer-turned-runesmith Matthew Whipple…

The road curls to the left, taking you into Gilmanton Center. The first building you’ll see is the Temperence Tavern, a bed & breakfast. Once a farmhouse, then bed and breakfast, now turned into the headquarters for Thomas Christianson’s devotees of the war god Ninurta.

At the junction of Route 140 and Route 107, is the former Gilmanton Country Store…now the offices and home of the town’s doctor, Veronia O’Donovan.

Turning North onto 107 toward Laconia, to the right one would have see then Gilmanton Town Hall. Sadly, now nothing more than a burned out husk. Here it is in it’s former glory…

Just a short way up Route 107, looking to the left one would see the Parker Farm.

And continuing north through the tree shaded Route 107 takes one to Laconia and Lake Winnipesaukee…


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