At this point, little is known about the other towns and cities around the lake region and New Hampshire.

It is known that the coastal areas are badly flooded. Portsmouth, Hampton, Exeter, and Stratham are knwon to be underwater, and much of the Merrimack river valley is also flooded. It is believed there is considerable radiation poisoning from the destruction of the Seabrook Nuclear Plant as well.


About 3.5 miles west of Gilmanton Center is the town of Belmont. Though half the size of Gilmanton, it was twice as populated, with around 7000 people before the Warp. There are several farms in the far north borders of town, but it is likely they have been harassed and looted by refugees fleeing Laconia.

It is unknown how many people have survived, but it is likely not many. It is known that the former police chief, Vincent Baiochetti, has taken the police and fire department personnel and placed himself as a warlord over the ruins of the town. He looted the town’s only market and has fortified the Middle School into something of a castle. He controls a several block area around the school, including the town hall and old police station…though it is unknown how many civilians he has under his control, and if he has enough food to last the winter.

It is also unknown if there are any other enclaves in the town.


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